Queen Anne Hotel near Pike Place Market

Explore Seattle’s original farmer’s market during your stay at our hotel near Pike Place Market! Established in 1907, every vendor brings their own unique personality to their stall, along with a host of fresh and delicious eats. There are buskers around every corner, beautiful crafts and jewelry, and the largest selection of fish you’ve ever seen! Simply take the Seattle monorail from the stop outside our hotel near Pike Place Market and you’ll be in the heart of downtown in less than 20 minutes without needing to park!


Ranked as one of the top attractions in Seattle, there’s more than enough stalls and shops to browse at Pike Place Market. Aside from the farm-fresh produce, don’t forget to:

  • Visit the very first Starbucks, with completely original floors and fixtures, as well as the trademark hospitality and hot brews.

  • Take your picture at the Gum Wall, a local landmark from 1993 with gum several inches thick in some areas.

  • Order your fish to go from the world-famous flying fish guys, tossing their fish in the name of efficiency and not just pure entertainment.

  • Immerse yourself amongst the fresh flower stalls with enormous blooms and an intoxicating fragrance!

What to Eat

A true tourist attraction for the senses, there’s plenty to sample and great eats to bring home for later! No trip to Seattle is complete without the salty bite of smoked salmon, steaming chowder, or a mouth-watering donut. There’s fresh food cooking everywhere and lots of cafes to stop for a coffee during your wanders.

Bring all the fresh vegetables and baked goods that you can carry back to our quaint lodgings with on-site kitchenettes to prepare your treats right away! Book your stay today at our hotel near Pike Place Market in Seattle.